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Chop, Squash, Beans, engraving, 9"x12"

edition of 20  An engraving on copper from my "Leftovers" series, this one being #4 in that series. So what's the point? Who ever looks at this subject matter for artistic inspiration? And yet why not see these randomly arranged discards as if the were important actors in a play, light them and choreograph them so that they rise above their definition as discards to have some reconsideration as artistic forms. That was the challenge I set for myself. Engraving these unlovable models in copper, a laborious and expensive proposition, was a statement in itself. I do not believe I ever sold a print from this series and yet the series of drawings I did before  making the prints are, in my opinion, some of my best and are some of the few I have been unwilling to part with. Exhibited: Various venues during the early eighties.

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