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Goat with Compound Fracture, mixed intaglio, 23"x36"

edition of 15  This huge and complicated print is made of 7 interlocking plates and required the largest press available at that time as it is printed on a full 30x40 sheet of German Etching paper. Some of the processes used in the plate are line and relief etching, mezzo-tint, aquatint, collograph, engraving, melting the zinc with a blow torch, spit bite and white ground. In Patricia Morrisrow's book Robert Mapplethorpe it is alleged that some sort of  goat head was used for an altar or something to that effect. This print was done from one of my drawings. In our painting classes on at least one occasion animal heads were brought in by our teachers and set up for us to use as models. I still have a drawing of a pig's head and the drawing for this print from that era. I'm afraid these things were more pedestrian than the urban legends that grew over time about those admittedly bizaare times. Exhibited: Pratt senior BFA Show, Brooklyn, NY, 1967;  New Visions Gallery, Ithaca, NY, 1990.

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