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Orchard Unmowed, drypoint, 5"x8"

edition of 25   A drypoint intaglio print looking South from my old apple orchard. This print was done in February of 2005 and is based on a ball point pen drawing I did for my Tokaido series.This print has some retrousage, aka selective wiping. It is it's charm but I am reminded when I use it of a remark one of my printmaking professors at Pratt said to me once,"McCue, get it in the zinc, not in the ink"! Exhibited:Global Matrix, Purdue University, Purdue, Indiana, 2007; Prince Gallery,University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, Wisc.2007; Higgins Art Gallery, Cape Cod Community College, W. Barnstable, Mass.,2007; Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, 2008; Altgeld Gallery, N. Illinois University, Dekalb, Ill., 2008; Maryland Federation of the Arts, Annapolis, MD, 2008.

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