These are low resolution images to discourage illegal copying and usage, but we hope they will give you some idea. Why not pop along and see the vibrant originals for yourself?

Self-Portrait, whiteground etching, 12"x9"

 edition of 4 SOLD OUT.   May of 1966 and I am a junior at Pratt Institute working way too hard and surviving on candy bars, spaghetti and cigarettes.One month later I was on the road crossing the continent and living in a 195?  Chevy Impala Station Wagon with 2 other Pratt guys. One was lost in Yellowstone National Park...West Thumb, Wyoming as I recall. Arriving at Vancouver, Washington I began my brief but transforming life as a tugboat deckhand. Ah, but that story is for another time.  White Ground is a mixture of  soap, titanium white and linseed oil. It dissolves in the acid over time allowing for a chiaroscuro effect.  Exhibited:?

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