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Spiny Critter, intaglio, 18"x 24"

   edition:40 SOLD OUT

 This Print was completed in November of 1967 and a complete edition was sold to London Graphic Arts  (see caption for Green River Critter). I am told it was a Murex shell. I bought it on Canal Street or thereabouts when I was a student at Pratt. Robert Mapplethorpe bought a Devilfish from there at the same time. He made a pendant out of  his Devilfish, I drew my Murex (see Drawings). The print was done in Colorado from the drawing. The spines on the etched zinc plate were very delicate and by about print number 30 some were wanting to fall off. I had to be VERY careful wiping the plate as the tarleton would catch the spines and bend them. It also 'bit' me more than once. I was very happy when the last one was completed.

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