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Green River Critter, intaglio, 18"x26"

edition of 40 SOLD OUT   This print was completed in September of 1968 and, along with another shaped plate print (Spiny Critter) from the same era literally put food on my table when I was a starving graduate student at the University of Colorado. In those days a printmaking revival was afoot and several galleries sold prints in venues such as college campuses. My printmaking professor sent a copy of these to London Graphic Arts and they bought the whole edition of both prints. Of course at that time as a student I made 2 or 3 prints of each plate, perhaps 5 at the most because printmaking paper has always been expensive.90! prints was the minimum they would buy, 45 of each. I had conceived this plate as a multi-color print but looking down the barrel at 45 of these babies I changed the edition to Weber's van Dyke Brown. I took out a $50. loan from the UC Bursar's emergency fund and completed my first "Big Deal" art sale. So, you can give a man a fish; feed him once, teach him to fish; he has to fish all the time to eat, or you can make a print of a fossil fish borrowed from the UC Natural History preparator working in the basement of the Art building and.....whatever.

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